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Amy Bartlett (エイミー・バートレット, Eimii Bātoretto?), also known as Isabella York (イサベラ・ヨーク, Isabera Yōku?), is the protagonist of the second chapter of Violet Evergarden Gaiden. She is the heiress of the prestigious York family who attends an all-girls academy, and Violet is hired to be her private tutor while posing as her handmaiden.


Amy is a young woman with bright green eyes. She has long, wine-red hair tied into two braids. She usually wears glasses.


Her personality changes a bit throught the movie. When she first sees Violet she seems a bit agressive and she doesn't seem to like her help very much. Later, we see she warmed up to Violet and seems more kind. The way she acts and behaves with others really depends on who they are and how long Amy has known them.



As the illegitimate daughter of a high-standing aristocrat, Amy is ordered by her father to attend an all-girls academy to groom her into a high society lady who will be married off someday. However, due to her rough early life, Amy needed more education than the other students. To help with that, Violet is hired for three months to catch her up secretly while posing as her handmaiden. She was recommended to Amy's father by a wet nurse of the Drossel royal family.

The two share a room together, with Violet playing the role of her handmaiden by doing things like braiding her hair and telling her her schedule, and attend classes together. It is twenty days before Violet's contract ends. At lunch, another student invites Amy to eat with her, which Amy thinks is due to the fact that the York family is distantly related to the Drossel family, but Violet turns her down on Amy's behalf, using the excuse that she is unaccustomed to speaking to strangers due to her childhood. Amy does not speak for herself, due to her belief that the crude part of herself would be revealed if she did so, so Violet does it for her so she can learn and do it for herself later on. While the two eat, Amy sees a girl about to trip while holding a tray, but Violet saves her and escorts to her table, much to the jealousy of Amy and the other students. Amy notes that Violet is idolized in the academy due to her beautiful looks and knight-like mannerisms, assisting people like her within a month of arriving at the academy. That gave her the nickname of "Lady Knight Princess".

Later in the day, the two girls practice their dancing for the upcoming ball. Violet is a strict teacher and Amy, frustrated by the differences between them, stops the practice.





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