Automemories is an original two-disc soundtrack[1] containing music from the Violet Evergarden anime series. It released on March 28, 2018 and includes songs that were not used in the anime series.[2]

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Theme of Violet Evergarden
  2. A Doll's Beginning
  3. One Last Message
  4. Unspoken Words
  5. Simple Mission
  6. Another Sunny Day
  7. The Voice in My Heart
  8. Rust
  9. In Remembrance
  10. Ink to Paper
  11. The Birth of a Legend
  12. To The Ends of Our World
  13. Back in Business
  14. A Place to Call Home
  15. An Admirable Doll
  16. Those Words You Spoke to Me
  17. Strangeling
  18. A Bit of Sass
  19. Each Memory a Message
  20. The Long Night
  21. Violet Snow for Orchestra

Disc 2

  1. Across the Violet Sky
  2. Wherever You Are, Wherever You May Be
  3. Never Coming Back
  4. Adamantine Dreams
  5. The Ultimate Price
  6. Inconsolable
  7. The Love That Binds Us
  8. Devoid of Hope
  9. Torment
  10. Fractured Heart
  11. Innocence
  12. Always Watching Over You
  13. Torn Apart at the Seams
  14. Intertwined Fates
  15. The Stench of Fear and Hatred
  16. The Songstress Aria (Instrumental)
  17. The Storm
  18. Letters From Heaven
  19. What It Means To Love
  20. Violet's Letter
  21. Sincerely (Short Size)
  22. Michishirube (Short Size)
  23. Believe in... (Short Size)
  24. Violet Snow (Short size)
  25. The Songstress Aria
  26. Letter (Short Size)



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