• IIAnimeWhoreII

    A lot of people belive that Gilbert being romantically in-love with violet is creepy. And to a degree, at least in my opinion it is. Yes, he is presumed to be 29 and she is presumed to be 14. But at the end of the day, we dont know their offical ages. I dont believe Gilberts age ever came up. (feel free to prove me wrong though) But also, Violet sure as hell doesnt look 14. She has to be 18 or older. We, also have to take into account that back than, age gaps like that were acceptable. And we also have to understand, that its fictional, so insetad of getting so bent out of shape over a fictional 29 year old having feelings for a (believed to be) 14 year old, lets get mad over actual real life predators, who like children. Idk i just think …

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  • IIAnimeWhoreII

    But, Gilbert is alive  

    In this new trailer, for the Violet Evergarden The movie trailer Link here :

    He also made an appearence in this trailer, it is no doubetdly him. To the right of his eye, you can see his eyepatch, insinuating that he is still alive folks. 

    Towards the end, it is belived that Gilbert is the one to be walking. Gilbert makes many appearences in the trailer. (So excited) Btw guys, if you want to check this shit for yourself, go right a-head. Everything I am spittin is facts. 


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  • FangsMcDoodle

    If any of you have watched Violet Evergarden, you would know of it's complete lack of predictability and sense of dullness. It is, by far, the most awe-inspiring anime series I have ever watched or read - and I read and watch a lot.

    So what I want to blog about is the Violet Evergarden OVA (Episode 14). Where to begin. For starters, it did not once disappoint me storyline wise. It was beautiful. Captivating as well as heart striking. Honestly, I've never in my life heard of love the way I did in this anime. The writers are so real when they create these characters that emboy such deep and complex thoughts and feelings as if they really existed. The feelings of love portrayed are authentic and heart wrenching. It is by no means superficial.


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  • MiaTrash

    Summer Vacation

    July 4, 2018 by MiaTrash

    July 3rd, 2018

    Happy summer everyone! I wanted to let you guys know that I will mostly be inactive during the school year since I'm becoming a freshman.

    I will try to be as active as I can with edits. By the way my fellow Americans, happy early 4th of July. And to the Canadians, happy late Canada day.



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  • FangsMcDoodle

    First Impressions

    February 23, 2018 by FangsMcDoodle

    Violet Evergarden is quite a unique and refreshing anime that I, for one, have grown, without a doubt, fond of. I simply cannot get enough of it. This isn't your typical girl meets boy and falls in love kind of story nor is it a girl meets boy, endures hardship and then falls in love story either. It invites a unique theme in each episode. Each theme is in depth and not for the faint hearted.

    One might see this as merely an anime for pure entertainment and sure, to some extent, it is, but it's so much more than that. The story is riveting and eluding from what I've watched so far, however, that is as far as my knowledge extends as I have not read the manga, if there is one, therefore, my opinion is somewhat biased on the anime adaption alon…

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  • Hoanlio1

    I'll have to show you tomorrow, but I noticed most people don't know how to use romaji and the exceptions of when they can be used properly in cases where they usually aren't.

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