Violet in Bociaccia

Violet fighting in Bociaccia during the war.

Bociaccia Location

Bociaccia's location in the world map.

Bociaccia (ボチアッチャ, Bochiatcha?) is located in the central part of the Telsis Continent, adjacent to Leidenschaftlich in the south and to the Holy State of Salbert in the north. Allied with the Southern Union, Leidenschaftlich was exporting various resources and food supplies to the neighboring Bociaccia. In opposition to that, the Salbert Holy State insisted on annexation of the sacred grounds of Intense, which were in the west of Bociaccia, casting pressure on it several times.[1]

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Bociaccia’s government wished to join the Southern Union, but feared that their relations with the Salbert Holy State would deteriorate should they underhandedly form an alliance with Leidenschaftlich’s side, so through consolidating a trade treaty, they continuously exchanged economical aid, and should either be attacked from somewhere, it was decided to dispatch the army’s troops in order to maintain their self-support. However, due to fear of stimulating the neighboring countries, Bociaccia declared neutrality, officially keeping itself unaffiliated with either force. Yet, the Galdarik Empire and Salbert Holy State formed an alliance, proclaimed a war declaration on the Southern Union, and the main forces gathered in the Salbert Holy State immediately invaded Bociaccia. In response, Bociaccia agreed to the Southern Union’s treaty and requested reinforcements, and Leidenschaftlich also promptly moved the army troops to near the border of Bociaccia’s capital, Capria. They had stayed as they were, within the defense net built around Capria, but simultaneously, the Galdarik imperial army began attacking the South, and so, the full-fledged battle between the Northern Alliance and the Southern Union broke out.[1]

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  • Bociaccia is one of the locations where Violet and the Leidenschaftlich army fought in the war.

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