Violet Evergarden Wikia
Violet Evergarden Wikia

Music associated with the Violet Evergarden series. This includes opening and closing theme songs, insert songs and other songs included in albums.

Filtered Music List

Filtered Violet Evergarden Music List, removing all the ‘fluff’. Starred tracks are essentials. Every single track is now available on Spotify as of October 21st, 2020.

* Theme of Violet Evergarden 

A Doll's Beginning 

Wherever You Are, Wherever You Many Be

 * One Last Message

 * The Voice in My Heart 



To the Ends of Our World 

Violet Snow for Orchestra

 * Across the Violet Sky 

Never Coming Back 

Adamantine Dreams 

The Ultimate Price

 * The Love That Binds Us 

Always Watching Over You 

The Songstress Aria



 (Short Size) 

Michishirube / みちしるべ

(Short Size) 

* Believe in...

 (Short Size) 

* Violet Snow

(Short Size) 

* Sincerely

(Short Size) 

(off vocal)

Lost Child 

Amy / エイミー

Will - TRUE 

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