Ctrigall's location in the world map.

Ctrigall (クトリガル, Kutorigaru?) is a country in the northernmost nation of the Telsis Continent. Majority of the time, it is in the subarctic zone, which makes the entirety of it cold. However, during summer, the temperatures rise to the extent that agricultural production is possible, so there are people living in it as well. Furthermore, since the various countries of the Northern Alliance are blessed with underground resources, the living standards of the residents are kept relatively high by exporting them to neighboring countries. However, this gave place to discord amongst many surrounding nations, and there was no small amount of countries that do not think well of Ctrigall from behind the scenes.[1]


During the Continental War, Ctrigall continuously made profits as exporters of resources, so several domestic factions wished for the warfare to go on. As the war ended and abundant and inexpensive resources started being imported from the South, the profits of the other countries drastically declined, therefore, the pro-war-continuation factions remained active and set up a civil war against the government, which had accepted peace.

Army troops at Menace Camp

In opposition to this, neighboring countries dispatched troops together while claiming it to be for the sake of public order, and soldiers from the Republic of Sorbas stationed troops at the Menace Camp, located along a border at the southeast end of Ctrigall. There was a base belonging to the war advocacy faction in the proximities of the Menace Camp, and, as the current main purpose was the mission of surveilling it, the camp did not house not many units.[1]


  • Menace Camp


  • This is the place where Aidan fought against anti-peace extremists.



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