I Don't Want Anybody Else To Die (もう、誰も死なせたくない, Mō, Dare mo Shina Setakunai?) is the eleventh episode of the Violet Evergarden anime adaptation. It aired on March 22, 2018.



Violet returns to the post company and overhears Claudia discussing with Cattleya an odd assignment request he received. Aldan, a soldier from a battlefield to the north has requested a doll to write letters for him. Claudia, obviously unwilling to send any of his employees to actual war, decides to ignore the letter. Violet grabs the opportunity to steal it and sets off to the north to find the soldier who needs her services.

Violet manages to convince a local postman to fly her over a deserted mountain and let her jump down from the airplane there. The moment she is about to jump, her client’s battalion has just been attacked, but initiated retreat realizing they are encountered by the girl soldier which is Violet. With Aldan seriously wounded, Violet carries him to a safehouse. Violet memorized Aldan's message to her parents and Maria, a long time friend of his but turns out to have mutual feelings of love, by typing in the air since she wasn't able to bring her typewriter. Violet holds his hand as he dies, then visits his hometown to deliver his letters along with the handkerchief Maria gave to her with Aldan's blood stained on it. Everyone cries, and Violet finally breaks down and cries along with them.


Adaptation Notes

Adapted from: Volume 1, Chapter 3




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