The twelfth episode of the Violet Evergarden anime adaptation aired on March 29, 2018.



Dietfried is ordered to protect a special envoy who will be traveling to a conference to sign a peace treaty, formally ending the war. Meanwhile, a rebel anti-peace faction led by General Merkulov plans to ambush the envoy in order to stall the peace talks. Cattleya and Benedict accompany the envoy as they board a train to travel to the city of Distery. Meanwhile, Violet, returning from Ctrigall, notices a number of fires near the railroad. Upon learning that Cattleya is on the train, Violet decides to accompany them for protection. However, the anti-peace rebels have already infiltrated the train, and after it leaves the station they stage an attack. Violet attempts to fight back but is eventually restrained due to her refusal to kill anybody. Dietfried rescues Violet, although he blames her for Gilbert's death and tells her that she has no reason to live. Violet counters that Gilbert's final order was for her to live on and that she regrets not being able to protect Gilbert. At that moment, a rebel fires a rifle grenade at Dietfried, but Violet deflects the grenade with her prosthetic arms.



Adaptation Notes

Adapted from: Volume 2, Chapter 6
  • Gilbert does not appear in the anime where he is supposed to.


  • Some of the content in this episode is original to the anime.



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