Auto Memories Doll and "I Love You" (自動手記人形と「愛してる」, Jidō Shuki Ningyō to "Aishiteru"?) is the thirteenth and final episode of the Violet Evergarden anime adaptation. It aired on April 5, 2018.



Violet continues to protect Dietfried, losing one of her arms in the process. However, as the train approaches a bridge, General Merkulov reveals that the bridge has been rigged to explode, as a backup plan, before proceeding to leap off the train and into the river below. Violet and Benedict go to remove the bombs, with Benedict is kicking one off, and Violet tearing the other off with great effort, losing her one remaining arm. With the envoy safe, the party continues on to the peace talks, where Leidenschaftlich and Gadariki officially sign a peace treaty to end the war. Upon returning to Leiden, a popular event called the Air Show, where planes are loaded with letters that are released into the sky to rain down all over the country, is revived due to the peace. While Violet's coworkers are writing letters to submit, Cattleya suggests she write a letter to Gilbert. However, Violet cannot find the words to say. She is then invited by Dietfried to visit him and Gilbert's mother. She assures Violet that she does not blame her for Gilbert's death and that he lives on inside her heart, even if the memories are painful. As Violet leaves, Dietfried notes that she's become fully independent thanks to Gilbert's teachings. Now inspired, Violet writes her first ever letter to Major Gilbert for the Air Show. In it, she tells Gilbert that she'll keep on waiting for him, that she's learned so much and found so many emotions as an Auto Memories Doll, that she plans to keep living in hopes that she'll meet him again, and finally that she understands the words "I love you" a bit more. Through this, she finally comes to terms with Gilbert's loss. The next day, Violet receives a new ghostwriting request and returns to work, introducing herself to her client.


Adaptation Notes

Adapted from: Volume 2, Chapter 6, Volume 2, Chapter 7
  • Gilbert and Dietfried's mother is introduced in the anime.
  • Gilbert does not appear in the series finale, having presumably been killed in action.
  • The scene with the letter is original to the anime.




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