Not Coming Back (戻って来ない, Modotte Konai?) is the second episode of the Violet Evergarden anime adaptation. It aired on January 18, 2018.

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Violet becomes an Auto Memories Doll apprentice in order to learn the meaning behind Gilbert's words. Despite getting off on the wrong foot due to her inability to understand people's emotions, she resolves herself to grow into a capable Doll. Cattleya and Hodgins discuss what happened to Gilbert.

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In order to find out the meaning of the words Gilbert had told her, Violet had volunteered to become an Auto-Memories Doll apprentice. Yet, as her days used to consist of nothing other than fighting as a “tool” of the military, she was incompetent at comprehending people’s feelings and turning them into words. As Violet would candidly say whatever came to mind in regards to the clients, her colleagues, Erica and Iris, were skeptical, and their senior, Cattleya, was astonished as well. A female customer arrives at the CH Postal Company. As a matter of course, Violet ends up writing a letter on someone’s behalf for the first time. Still incapable of understanding emotions the letter ends up angering both the recipient and the client. Erica then confronts Violet about her motivations to become a Doll, but relents when Violet tells her about her desire to learn the meaning of the words "I love you." Iris suggests to Hodgins to fire Violet, but Erica comes to her defense, partly motivated due to her own insecurities about being a proper Doll. Hodgins decides not to fire Violet and gives her a new uniform, along with the brooch Gilbert had originally given to Violet, which Hodgins managed to recover. Violet is overjoyed at the return of the brooch and agrees to attend a Doll training course. That night, Hodgins confides in Cattleya that he used to be friends with Gilbert and that Gilbert is "never coming back."

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Adapted from: Volume 2, Chapter 2 and Volume 1, Chapter 6

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