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You Won't be a Tool, but a Person Worthy of that Name (君は道具でなく、その名が似合う人になるんだ, Kimi wa Dōgudenaku, Sono Na ga Niau Hito ni Narunda?) is the fourth episode of the Violet Evergarden anime adaptation. It aired on February 1, 2018.


When Iris goes to her home village on an assignment, Violet accompanies her. Iris's birthday party sparks a disagreement with her family.


Iris Cannary receives a personal ghostwriting request from her hometown, but accidentally injures her hand. As a result, Violet is sent along with her to assist her in writing. Upon arriving, Iris is met by her parents, and her mother reveals that she was the one who sent the request in order to get Iris to come back to celebrate her birthday. However, Iris is frustrated when her mother admits she wants to use the party as a way to find a suitor for her. As Violet writes the party invitations, Iris specifically asks her not to send an invitation to a man named Emonn Snow, but Violet sends the invitation anyways. When Emonn appears at the party, Iris angrily retreats to her room. Violet then talks to Iris to figure out what's wrong, and Iris tells her that Emonn was her childhood crush, but he rejected her confession. The emotional pain caused by Emonn's rejection was what caused her to leave her hometown to become a Doll. This causes Violet to realize that a love confession like Gilbert's must have required a great deal of courage to say. Violet then helps Iris write apology letters to all of the party guests, as well as her parents. Moved by the letter, Iris' parents allow her to continue working as a Doll. On the way back to Leiden, Iris tells Violet that her parents named her after the flower of the same name, since she was born while they were in full bloom. This triggers a flashback in Violet, who remembers that Gilbert named her after the flower of the same name. 




  • The final scene with Gilbert and Violet is adapted from Volume 1, Chapter 6.
    • With the exception of the final scene, this episode is original to the anime, it is not adapted from the light novel.



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