You Write Letters That Bring People Together? (人を結ぶ手紙を書くのか?, Hito o Musubu Tegami o Kaku no ka??) is the fifth episode of the Violet Evergarden anime adaptation. It aired on February 8, 2018.

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Princess Charlotte is to have a public correspondence with her betrothed, and Violet is entrusted with writing the letters on her highness's behalf.

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At the request of the military, Violet is sent to the Kingdom of Drossel to help Princess Charlotte write open love letters to Prince Damian of the neighboring Kingdom of Flugel. Violet's mission is crucial since Drossel and Flugel were previous enemies in the war and are arranging the marriage to cement the terms of their peace treaty. Despite Charlotte being anxious about the wedding, Violet writes an excellent love letter tailored to her request. Damian responds in kind, but Charlotte does not appear satisfied with his words. She later confides in Violet that she had personally met Damian, who doesn't act in such manner. At her 10th birthday party, Charlotte first met and grew infatuated with Damian since he spoke honestly and treated her as a person rather than a potential wife. Now, she's unsure whether Damian reciprocates her feelings, since she could tell the letter was written by a Doll. Violet then gets an idea and arranges with Damian's Doll to have Charlotte and Damian hand-write their own letters to each other. This starts a heated but passionate correspondence between the two that entrances everybody in both kingdoms better than the prior embellishment. Eventually, the two meet, and Damian personally proposes to Charlotte, who gleefully accepts. The wedding goes as planned while Violet and Cattleya, who was Damien's Doll, return to Leiden. Upon returning, Violet encounters Gilbert's brother Dietfried, who expresses disbelief at how she had become a Doll and reminding her she had killed countless people, including many of his men. 

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(From the Original English Captions, with name corrections.)

Prince Damian Baldur Flugel,

What if I told you that saying your name, or simply writing your name, makes my heart skip? In this kingdom of flowers, everything makes me think about you, and every day, I let out a sigh.

For instance, when I look up at the moon floating in the night sky, the waning moon looks like a flower petal falling to the ground. And then I think to myself: What do you think about when you look at the same moon?

As white as the camellia. I praise your beauty, Princess Charlotte Alberfreyja Drossel.

You are my love story. My passionate feelings for you overflow from my heart. I hope and desire to have you with me as soon as possible.

Princess Charlotte Alberfreyja Drossel,

Do you remember me from the garden with the white camellias on that moonlit night?

Prince Damian Baldur Flugel,

I do remember. You laughed at my tear-stained face. I was really offended by that! But I never forgot the sound of your voice when you told me it was okay to cry. I never forgot about your kindness.

I laughed because you were cute when you acted your age. I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m sorry.

Although my title is ‘Prince’, my personality isn’t exactly that. Don’t expect me to be a mature man.

We only met that one night. What kind of girl are you?

I’m a hot-tempered crybaby. I’m probably not the woman of your dreams.

I have a little sister, so, I’m used to crybabies. But I’m not all that great either. I’m not the man of your dreams, either.

That’s not true since I’m already head over heels for you!

Because of the first letter? That was the work of a skilled Doll.

I’m not in love with the one in the letter. I’m into the person I met 4 years ago who patted my head under the moonlight.

I just comforted you that one time because you were crying.

I treasured that one moment for all these years like a precious gem!

I’m insensitive and don’t understand a woman’s heart. I might leave you and go hunting. I’ll probably disappoint you.

I’m sure you’ll meet a better man as you get older.

Excuse me, but what do you mean by a ‘better man’? In terms of their looks? Their wealth?

My idea of a good person is someone who’s able to act genuinely. Among everyone I’ve met, the only person who admits to not being a good man is you! That’s all I care about. That’s all I want!

I’ll go with you when you go hunting. Don’t underestimate the Princess of Drossel! I’m educated so that I’m able to marry into any family! I bet I’m a better hunter than you!

I’ll be waiting for you in the garden under the moon tonight.

My future bride seems to be a smart, strong-willed, and funny person. She’d make a good queen.

Let’s get married, Charlotte. Will you marry me?

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  • This episode is original to the anime, it is not adapted from the light novel.

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