The eighth episode of the Violet Evergarden anime adaptation aired on March 1, 2018.


Violet finds out Gilbert is listed as missing in combat while his family believe he's dead.


Violet heads over to the military headquarters to confront Dietfried about the truth of Gilbert's fate, and he confirms he is dead. Still in denial, Violet travels to Gilbert's mansion, where she finds his grave. Back at the post office, Hodgins leaves to go look for Violet. Violet then begins to recall her past with Gilbert, which started when Dietfried transferred her to his command as a child soldier. Despite his desire to raise Violet as a normal girl, Gilbert is forced by his superiors to put her on the frontlines due to her combat abilities. Violet proves to be instrumental in winning many key battles. During this time, Gilbert gave Violet her name and taught her how to read and write, and he eventually buys her a brooch as a gift. Sometime later, Gilbert's unit is assigned to stage an attack on the enemy's headquarters, the success of which could mean the end of the war. Gilbert's unit suffers heavy casualties in the assault, but they are able to seize headquarters and signal the main force to attack. However, just as Gilbert sends the signal, he is shot by enemy soldiers, shocking Violet.



Adaptation Notes

Adapted from: Volume 1, Chapter 6


  • Some of the content in this episode is original to the anime.



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