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Erica Brown (エリカ・ブラウン, Erika Buraun?) is a character in the Violet Evergarden series. She is an Auto Memories Doll who has been working at the CH Postal Company for a while. She is not good at communicating and isn't confident in her work.


Erica is a young woman with a relatively short stature and thin eyebrows. She has short, straight light brown-honey colored hair which reaches down to her chin with straight bangs covering her forehead. Her hairstyle somewhat resembles that of a longer bowl cut. She sports round, transparent glasses which she wears over her medium-colored amber eyes. She also has freckles located on the bridge of her nose and a small mole underneath her lip.


Erica is a quiet girl who is usually seen in the backgrounds. She isn't confident in her own work as an Auto Memories Doll and is easily swayed by other opinions and takes criticism on her work seriously and to the heart. She also always worries inwardly over her exchanges with her clients and has no confidence in her job. This has led to her timid personality and low self-confidence. However, it is evident that Erica is a strong-willed, very thoughtful and kind girl who will firmly stand to her own opinions.[2]

Erica was motivated into becoming an Auto-Memories Doll due to a certain novelist’s influence, which made her wish she could write texts that resonated with people’s hearts.


  • Iris Cannary - Iris is Erica's co-worker. While Erica sometimes finds her boastful nature and goals to be unrealistic, the two are visibly close.
  • Violet Evergarden - Erica thought Violet was weird considering her rather emotionless personality and eccentric behavior, but as she gets to know Violet, she warms up to her. Although she is a bit envious of Violet's talent, she is very supportive of Violet as she is one of the first people who believe that she will be able to become a very skilled Doll, and she is touched after hearing Violet's explanation on her reason for wanting to become a Doll. After that, they develop a friendship.[2] Erica is also shown to be very happy and excited whenever Violet gets to grow in her work as a Doll.[3]



  • Erica is an anime-original character.


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