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Eustitia's location in the world map.

Eustitia ( ユースティティア, Yūsutitia?) is a city renowned as the capital of astronomy. It is located in the southwestern part of the continent is the country of Astrea, which center is slightly pierced through by mountain ranges extending from the middle of the mainland to the southwest. The people live at about 1,500 meters above sea level. At the center of Eustitia is the Shaher Astronomical Headquarters, also known as the "Observatory".[1]


Since the country of Astrea was full of peace from north to south of its mountainfoot, there used to be nearly no residents going through the trouble of living in the inconvenient mountain range. As this fact had caught his attention, Shaher purchased a large portion of its land and made sure that light pollution would not reach it, even if an observatory were built there. For that reason, even at present, there are no other cities around the observatory. An exclusive railway extends from the capital to the surroundings of Eustitia, and from there to the observatory, people are transported by a ropeway that became the first to be generally operated in the history of the continent.

Eustitia is called the “capital of astronomy” due of its superiority in astronomical observation, but it could also be said that the most remarkable characteristic of the city was being home to one of the world’s leading astronomical research institutes.[1]





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