Gilbert in the Leidenschaftlich Army fires a signal in Intense.

Intense Location

Intense's location in the world map.

Intense (インテンス, Intensu?) is the city where Violet fought in the war. During the war, in the Leidenschaftlich Army, Gilbert's unit was assigned to stage an attack on the enemy's headquarters, the success of which could mean the end of the war. Gilbert's unit suffers heavy casualties in the assault, but they are able to seize headquarters and signal the main force to attack. Defeated, the enemy army bombs their own headquarters, resulting in the end of the war.

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Intense inside

The interior of the HQ.

The mountain ranges that penetrate the continent at east and west and the ones extending from north to south cross one another in the central part of the mainland and become one. Since the place looked like the world’s spine as seen from anywhere in the surroundings, it was thought in the Old Genesis mythology to be the backbone of the Great Land’s Mother Goddess as she created the continent by lying down.

It is also the origin of many fountainheads of rivers that extend to all over the continent, and from that it was thought to be a source that brought fertility to the earth. Furthermore, as most of the central part consists of the continent’s highest mountain peaks, it is a land of faith since time immemorial and became a sacred ground the majority of the continent’s religions before anyone realized it.[1]

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On the land that resided in the highest mountain peak was built the pilgrimage city of Intense, which became one country by integrating neighboring lands, yet it was but a sacred ground open to the whole world, as well as a neutral place that did not belong to any power. However, a religious nation, the Salbert Holy State, was unable to tolerate Intense becoming a foreign country, attempting to raid it many times. For that reason, they conspired along the Galdarik Empire, which was running short on food and resources and aiming for opportunities to invade the South, forming an alliance with the involved neighboring countries and declaring war against the Southern Union.

The Galdarik Empire’s side detained Intense, which was a mountainous region, and claimed that it would rush into and occupy Leidenschaftlich in one strike, but as the Salbert Holy State had the occupation of Intense as its primary target to the very last, the military had no interest in moving out of the mountainous region, so the advancement of its attacks decreased, giving the Southern Union time to build a defense net. Additionally, although the main force of the Northern Alliance had occupied the intense, the Sarbelt Soviet Army had suspended any further attacks, so the front lines agglutinated even more.[1]

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