Kazaly (カザリ, Kazari?) is a rural mountain village in the northeastern part of Leidenschaftlich. It is also an important production center of rice, so a railway is connected to it for its transportation.


Kazaly's location in the world map.

Since Kazaly is located in a long and narrow tongue-shaped plateau whittled into a river, and is a prominent land of constant rain in the country, so abundant water supplying is done throughout the year, and there’s also the fact that changes in temperature are not so significant; therefore, hydroponic farming is done vigorously, especially in rice cultivation, with rice paddies along the river.


Sunrise in Kazaly

As there are also areas where triple-cropping is carried out rather than double, the productivity is overwhelmingly higher than that of wheat, because there are few obstacles to succession, and it became one of the reasons that rice noodle culture developed in Leidenschaftlich. In addition, it has an easier-to-live climate compared to the city of Leiden, which is hot and humid, and its rustic but scenic landscape is popular amongst wealthy people as a summer refuge.[1]

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