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Drossel and Flugel flags.

Location in the world map.

The Kingdoms of Drossel and Flugel (ドロッセルとフリューゲル 王国, Dorosseru to Furyūgeru Ōkoku?) are countries located on each side of the Temis River, which spreads out from west to east of the continent. Drossel’s territory extends across the great river, but the north and the east of it partly encroach into Flugel, while the rest of the east is in contact with Genetrix and the south makes borders with the Enciel Kingdom. As opposite of Drossel, a small nation that is almost half-enveloped by Fulgel, a large part of Flugel’s enormous territory are forests that make borders with Drossel and Genetrix in the south, while the west meets the sea.

Kingdom of Drossel

The Kingdom of Drossel

Drossel, sandwiched as it is between big countries, has been joining hands with neighboring nations through marriage policy and maintained itself through earning protection from them. In addition, it actively promoted forms of art, decorating its own urban spaces with beautiful buildings creating for itself an image of touristic place surrounded by a notable number of flowers, especially the white camellia, its national flower.[1]

The princess of the kingdom is Charlotte Abelfreyja Drossel, the queen and king are the girl's parents. Alberta serves as the royal Drossel family's court maid.

Kingdom of Flugel

On the other hand, selling its fortitude and vigor, Flugel had its forests, which granted it life with their abudant natural resources, as its main source of sustainment. Moreover, the Temis River, which exists between the two countries, is a boundary line that traditionally separates the northern and southern parts of the continent, and, in the previous Great War, while Flugel became an inactive part of the Northern Alliance, Drossel turned into a passive member of the Southern Union, so although there was no battle between them, their borders were sealed. Fortunately, the war ended without the conflicts reaching the two countries, but their relationship had deteriorated drastically for a while.[1]

The prince of the kingdom is Damian Baldur Flugel.



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