Anne's house in Lechernt.

Lechernt Location

Lechernt's location in the world map.

Lechernt (レッヘルント, Rehherunto?) is located in the southeast of Telsis Continent. It makes borders with Bociaccia and the Salbert Holy State in the north, Rallentando in the south and Vivace in the west, and along with Bociaccia and Rallentando, belongs to a group of nations that had declared neutrality. Moreover, the continent’s largest lake bases itself in the east of the country, and as the border with the Salbert Holy State was a mountain range and the latter’s main purpose was to invade Intense, unlike Bociaccia, Lechernt did not become a battlefield in the previous Great War. All it did was dispatch troops to Bociaccia, and casualties occurred.[1]

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Anne & Her Husband

Anne and her husband in Lechernt.

The climate is mild and the land is fertile and blessed with water resources owing to its lake, thus the agricultural productivity is high. However, the population is not too large in comparison to the amount of land that stretches along the leveled hilly territory, and a countryside-like bucolic landscape spreads throughout the whole nation. Additionally, it had eventually stood on the side of the Southern Union during the war, so trading with Leidenschaftlich had begun to become active, and various supplies came to flow in.[1]

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  • Anne's House (アンの家, Anne no Katei?) is located approximately in the middle of the central part of Lechernt. Anne lived in a mansion owned by her mother, Clara, together with her. After her mother's death, Anne received custody of the house when she became an adult, and came to live in that mansion with her husband and daughter.

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  • Anne lives here with her family.

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