Machtig is a city located in the Telsis Continent. The city was occupied by the Gardarik Forces during the war. After a key battle in Bociaccia that was won with the help of the Leidenschaftlich Army and Violet, the city was liberated after three years.[1]

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After a key battle during the war, Gilbert had somehow managed to get free time by starting work early, and went to pick Violet up in her room. He decided to take her to Machtig during Thanksgiving, as this city has a Thanksgiving tradition. Gilbert explained that the city had finally been liberated after three years and it was all thanks to Violet. To show his gratitude to Violet, Gilbert asked her if she wanted something. Violet didn't really want anything but she thought it was Gilbert's "orders" to want something, she said that she wanted something a girl her age would want, like accessories or dresses. While they were looking around, Violet stayed by a jewelry stall and saw a Jem with the same color as Gilbert's eyes. With the help of the shopkeeper, Violet realized that she could use the word "beautiful" to describe the Jem. After Gilbert purchased the emerald Jem for her, Violet confessed that she always thought that Gilbert's eyes were "beautiful".[1][2]

The Festival Edit

Machtig holds it's annual Thanksgiving festival at night. They decorate the street with lamps illuminating the shopping district, strings with lanterns linked the buildings sandwiched between one another on each side of the large road. There would cheerful people everywhere, listening to cheerful music. There are several stalls during the festival, such as drinking stalls, food stalls, clothing stalls, jewelry stalls and amusement stalls. People gathered in the entertaining atmosphere, dancers taking advantage of it to earn coins.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • "Machtig" is the German word for "The powerful".
  • Machtig has a Thanksgiving tradition to give gifts to those one are thankful for. Every year on Thanksgiving, this city holds a festival.[1]

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