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Roswell (ロズウェル, Rozuweru?) is a town in the nation of Genetrix, located at the base of a mountain, surrounded by several tall others. Its whole territory is something to be contemplated. However, amongst influential people, Roswell is known for its summerhouses – in other words, its holiday villas. It is a beautiful, bucolic capital surrounded by greenery.

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The majority of the Genetrix country is plain regions, but there are relatively high mountains in the south, by the edge of the mountain range extending from the central mountainous district. Located at the mountain-foot is the city of Roswell, which is well-known as a summer refuge. It is famous as a sightseeing place, along with the neighboring country of Drossel, brimming with beautiful four seasons and nature as its bucolic scenery seems to spread on forever with the flowers that bloom in spring, whether that was cool even during summer, stunning autumnal leaves from temperate deciduous forests that are rare even in those surroundings, and abundant snow.

Oscar's House

Oscar's house in Rosewell

In addition, it is also used as a land of villas, not only by the locals but also by rich people of nearby nations. The urban areas are the most preferred for tourism, and since the gorgeous cityscape is protected by landscape regulations, the villas are built far away in order to create an air of luxury. Behind such city is the holiday house of a dramatist whose name reverberated throughout the continent, Oscar.[1]

In spring, the mountains and rivers with overflowing flowers entertain people’s eyes. In summer, many seek the biggest waterfall, which is a touristic point, to learn about local history. In autumn, everyone’s hearts are struck by the rain of decaying leaves. In winter, the scenery is enveloped in a silent tranquility. As the transition of the four seasons is very easily distinguishable, it's a land that has more than enough to offer for the delight of those who visit during the change of periods for sightseeing.

Many villas had been built linked to the mountain-foot town, which consists of wooden cottages painted in a variety of colors. From the smallest to the biggest lots, the cost of land in the area is quite a large sum, and therefore, having a villa be made there is a proof of wealth in itself. The city is crammed with shops for tourists. On holidays, the main street interconnected to said shops becomes crowded, pleasant tunes playing in the background. With such assortment, no one can make fun of the place, even with it being the countryside. People usually build villas in the city for the sake of convenience, and anyone who builds one anywhere else is viewed as an eccentric outcast.[2]

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  • Oscar lives in a secluded house in Roswell.

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