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The Shaher Astronomy HQ

Shaher Astronomical Headquarters (シャヘル天文本部, Shaheru Tenmon Honbu?), also known as Shaher Astronomy HQ, is an astronomical observatory located in the center of Eustitia, constructions made of stone congregates around it.

The Shaher Astronomy HQ's location in the world map.

The Shaher Astronomical Observatory’s Research Institute has ensured a vast assortment of activities, such as discovering new stars, researching anything related to astronomy, and manufacturing telescopes. The personnel at Shaher’s headquarters in Eustitia manage books about every known star, collected from all over the world. Having been established as the annex of the astronomical observatories, the headquarters safeguards a gigantic library. Every one of its books is about stars and the myths related to them.[1]


The Shaher Astronomy HQ was named after a maritime navigation king that had managed to get his hands on enormous amounts of wealth during his lifetime: Shaher. Observatories that had been erected in many places under influence of the deceased Shaher’s hobbies still existed, as a courtesy of the continuous sustenance from his family group.[1]

Known Employees

The people who work there are in charge of diverse tasks, such as arranging classifications, providing assistance for visitors, and decoding the ancient writing of foreign literature pieces. Among them, the one said to be the least appealing job is in the manuscripts department, which preserves books so old they're on the verge of deterioration. Just as the name indicates, it is the department where already-published handwritten books are transcribed into a typewritten format.[1]


The inside of the HQ.

In the atrium room, black iron spiral stairs serve as bridges between each floor, while a gold chandelier forms the image of a star descending from the ceiling. Many desks and chairs can be found scattered around the place, and sofas are in a bigger number. From cloth-covered luxurious ones to lovable ones with cat legs, the sofas of many different shapes and qualities serve as supports for the researchers.[1]


Although the people from the manuscripts department steadily worked on the manuscripts to an astounding extent every day, they found themselves in the middle of a crisis. The cause was that a large number of astronomy books had been selected out of an ample literary collection purchased from a certain influential family’s warehouse. The great number of volumes was a problem, but even more so was conserving them, given the state they were in. The texts were barely readable and many pages would rip when turned. In addition, the number of people in the manuscripts department was of eighty employees. Even without days off for a whole year, they would still not be done rendering all the manuscripts that had been brought in.

Taking the condition of the books into consideration, it was required with an urgency that all volumes were transliterated simultaneously. That was when those people gained the opportunity to come in contact with professionals from a completely different field of expertise – the ones unmatched at typewriting jobs, Auto Memories Doll.[1]



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