Taylor Bartlett (テイラー・バートレット, Teirā Bātoretto?) is a character in the Violet Evergarden series. She is the adoptive younger sister of Amy Bartlett who, after Amy takes on the name of Isabella York, is taken to an orphanage.


Taylor is a young girl with large brown eyes. She has medium-length orange-red hair tied into two braids with red ribbons. She has freckles over her nose.


Taylor is a bright young girl, full of optimism and energy.


Amy first found Taylor huddling under a thin blanket for warmth off the side of the street. The younger girl seemed to take an immediate shine to her, and took hold of her hand. Amy decided to make this foundling her sister and name her Taylor. Amy and Taylor's life together had difficulties: They lived in a one-room shack, wore threadbare clothes, and rarely had enough food to eat. However, Taylor always found joy in time spent with her sister, and that joy in turn helped Amy keep her spirits up.

Everything changed when men suddenly came to Amy and Taylor's home. One of them announced himself as Amy's long-lost father, and demanded Amy leave her life behind and come with him. In exchange, he would ensure Taylor was taken care of. For Taylor's sake, Amy agreed. Taylor, still too little to understand what was going on, could only scream for her sister as she was led away.

True to his word, Amy's father placed Taylor in a fine orphanage in the countryside. One day, Benedict Blue arrived to deliver two letters addressed to Taylor. As Taylor had not learned how to read yet, Benedict read the letters to her himself. The first was from Violet Evergarden, and asked Taylor to look for her at the CH Postal Company if she was ever in need. The second was from Amy, and told her a magic spell to call out whenever she was feeling lonely: "Amy". The letter brought back memories of her sister Taylor had almost forgotten, and caused the little girl to break out in tears.



Amy Bartlett - Taylor's beloved sister figure. She decided to adopt Taylor the day she saw her shivering under a blanket.

Benedict Blue - As the postman who delivered Amy's letter to her, Taylor has great respect for Benedict. In fact, that delivery inspired Taylor's dream to become a postman. When they reunite years later, Taylor is eager to apprentice under Benedict. Although Benedict finds Taylor and her insistence on calling him "Master" annoying at first, the young girl eventually grows on him.

Violet Evergarden - as an auto-memory doll, she wrote the letter of Amy Bartlett for her younger sister and she also wrote another letter for her from herself. The letter states that to look for her in the company whenever she is in need. She also took care of Taylor and taught her how to be postwoman. She also help her to write a letter for Amy and was soon delivered by Benedict.





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